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Gymnastics  - Class Descriptions 

BOYS: (Ages 6 and up)

This is an exciting class for boys 6 years of age and older. In this class, students will enjoy learning tumbling skills and basic trampoline skills on our 30-foot tumble track. They will also begin learning skills on each of the 6 menís events, do conditioning, and play some games at the end of class. So, if your son wants to learn some cool flips and start building muscles, this is the class for him.
Class Limit: 12

Adult Gymnastics (Ages 16 and up)

This class is for former gymnasts, cheerleaders, or anyone with an interest in learning how to tumble. Participants will also spend time learning skills on each of the womenís events. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, come out and enjoy some great exercise and conditioning while learning to flip in the process.
Class Limit: 12

Beginner Girls: (Ages 6 and up)

This class is designed for girls that have no gymnastics background or experience. They will learn the basics of gymnastics on all events: Balance Beam, Vault, Floor, and Uneven Bars. Participants will learn forward and backward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels. Students will also spend time on the tumble track, playing games, and doing some conditioning. The curriculum is based on skills that challenge each student at her own level.
Class Limit: 12

Intermediate Girls: (Ages 6 and up)

This class is for students that have taken gymnastics before and are familiar with the sport. Students in this class should already know how to properly perform forward and backward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels. The girls will spend time on all four events, while being challenged to learn and perform more difficult skills on each event. They may spend a few minutes at the end of class on the trampoline.
Class Limit: 12

Tiny Tot Tumbling: (Ages 3 through 5)

This class is offered to boys and girls ages 3 through 5 years of age. No parent participation is needed for this class. Students will be introduced to the basics of gymnastics, while having fun with new friends. They will play games and have lots of time to play on the trampoline at the end of the class.
Class Limit: 12

Tumbling: (Ages7 and up)

This class is designed for anyone that wants to learn tumbling skills such as round-offs, front and back handsprings, front and back tucks, ect. Students will spend a large amount of time doing conditioning and stretching in this class. This class is great for cheerleaders or for girls that would like to work on their tumbling skills with hopes of cheering.
Class Limit: 12

Two Hour Developmental: (Ages 6 and up)

This class is for gymnasts with goals of getting on our competitive team one day. Practices will be similar to how our Team girls train. Gymnasts will spend larger amounts of time on each event and they will do more conditioning and stretching then our beginner classes. Girls maybe evaluated in this class for potentially moving up to Team depending on their progress, behavior, flexibility, strength, and maturity.
Class Limit: 12

Mom and Tot Class: (Ages 18 months through 3 years)

We offer toddler classes for boys and girls ages 1 Ĺ through 3 years of age. This class is designed for parents to take with their child. With a parentís assistance, the children will explore, discover, receive positive reinforcement, meet new friends, learn new movements and gymnastics concepts, while being introduced to the basics of the sport. They will develop balance, body awareness, coordination, self-esteem, and the joy of physical movement with mom and dad there to encourage and play right along. This is great place for your child to come play games, run around, get some energy out, and interact with other children their age.
Class Limit: 12

Adult Stretching: (Ages 16 and up)

This class is designed for men and women ages 16 years of age and older. This would be great for former and current gymnasts, cheerleaders, golfers, football players, parents, or anyone with the desire of becoming more flexible. We will spend time stretching and doing conditioning to help stay in shape.
Class Limit: 12

TEAM ~ *INVITATION ONLY*: (Ages 5 and up)

Our competitive program is a year round program for gymnasts ages 5 years of age and up. Girls must be well disciplined, well behaved, possess the physical and mental knowledge of the sport, and they must work very hard. Our team competes in-state and out. We take part in the local Christmas parade and other community events. They have won a countless number of trophies and medals and have had a lot of fun traveling with teammates along the way. Team members must be a member of the YMCA.

Private Lessons: (Any Age)

Private lessons are available to all ages of boys and girls upon request. These are available on Saturdays only. Our fees for private lessons are based on each child individually. If students decide to double up for a private lesson, each person is responsible for the private lesson fee.
No Class Limit


*NOTE: Not all classes are offered at one given time. Class schedule varies month to month based on coach availablity.